lets dance, shall we?


things I want to do

1. Go see the Great Wall, China

2. Go to Japan

3. Write a Book. (2011)

4. Go to a casino (2008)

5. Go to a NBA basketball game (2014)

7. do one of those “runs” (completed 2016 Sept 5 k, finished 2nd)

8. watch all of scrubs (completed 2010)

9. have a kid

10. read house of leaves, all of it

11. get a book published (self-published 2013!)

12. play poker with a professional (amateur professional 2011)

13. win over a thousand in poker (2008)

14. write two books (2017)

15. take a really, and i mean really random road trip

16. go to new york

17. go to Colorado (2018, june)

17.5 go to california

18. learn how to snowboard?

19. make par in golf on one hole (2009)

20. make a birdie in golf (summer 2010 ryan burgess to validate )

21. beat my dad in golf (close, but no cigar, 3 strokes closest 2013)

22. Set up a writing room/office in a house/apt or wherever

23. Go to a NFL football game (completed 2016, raiders versus browns)

24. skate in cali

26. go to a skate competition (2011)

27. find my partner for life

28. make it through grad school (2012 completed)

29. make it through college (2010 completed)

30. become a counselor (2012 completed)

31. have my own private practice

32. stay in touch with my closest friends after college ends (this is worthless, 2017)

34. ride a bike somewhere far

35. live in a foreign place for a couple of days without any “hotel”


3 thoughts on “lets dance, shall we?”

  1. … did I ever tell you that I have a list? so odd.. I didn’t know that you did. I made mine… probably seven or eight years ago and have been building on it ever since.

  2. Justin Grecni said:

    Nice list, I hope that u accomplish it all! and it’d be pretty cool when I get to see you accomplish some of it! Love you bub!

  3. what a list. i enjoyed reading this. if/when you go to Japan and China, will you pack me as your carry on?

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