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As I headed out the door today I stopped and paused a second. I thought about the way I kissed her and hoped it was with some intention. I want her to wake up and have me be the first thought she thinks.

And when she’s thinking about me, I’m going to be distant from her. She’ll text me because she’ll miss me. I’ll not respond. She’ll wonder what’s going through my mind. Naturally, she’ll text again, and again. Then, she’ll call. I’ll pick up on the third ring and tell her I’ll have to call her back because “work’s a little hectic right now.” What she doesn’t know is I’m planning a surprise for her. Before she can respond to my rushed tone I’ve already hung up. No “I love yous” uttered. Just a dial tone. Don’t worry, I’ll text her in 20 and say I’m sorry and that I’ll make it up to her. She’ll eat that right up.

It’s midnight and she’s just had her fourth glass of red wine. She’s pissed and she should be. I told her I went out with “the guys.” I don’t blame her. Not one bit. She heads to bed and I slide my key in and turn the lock slowly and without much sound.

I tiptoe up the steps and can’t help but feel the nervous energy coursing through my veins. She’d told me she wanted this a long, long time ago. She’s going to flip out that I actually remembered. Thank God she’s a heavy sleeper.

When she’s all tied up and her mouth is sealed, I take off all my clothes. I put on my Bane outfit. I even got a hold of a fake replica mask that he wears in Batman. I turn on the lights and jump on the bed and begin to choke her.

Her eyes do the screaming for her. She violently tries to break free. It takes her seconds, maybe a minute (I’m guessing the alcohol doesn’t help) to realize I’m not Bane. I remove the tape from her mouth and she gasps. I stare at her, waiting for her.

Then it happens. Her frightened and angered face changes. She smirks and remembers.

And then she plays her part. Enthusiastically.