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“I want out.”
He couldn’t hear her. All he heard was the sound of clinking beer glasses and bad karaoke and a couple beside them making out.
He was looking at her, but through her as if she didn’t truly exist in this place. He knew if he held out long enough the moment would pass and they would be fine. She loved this bar.
“I don’t know what I was thinking bringing you here to do this kinda thing. I just, I don’t know Luke. Things just haven’t been the same since the other night. I mean with everything-”
He was missing something. If he could just think of it he could solve this and they could still have the house, the yard, the big car, and 401K plan.
“and I just think this is what I-uh-we need.”
Did he leave the seat up? Was that it? He had reached the far recesses of his mind and came up with. Absolutely. Nothing.
She placed a hand gently on his stubbled cheek.
“I need to smoke.”
So he went outside with her and after a few drags of her cigarette, she left him. Alone.