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“How can you not see how deranged I am? Watch me for 10 minutes and see the crazy seep outta me.” I cross streets in hopes of being taken away on that sweet journey to the heavenly sky where only her and I will be as one. “I ain’t got another cigarette, so don’t bother. I’ll smoke every last one as a matter of fact so move along.” It’s weird watching you, the you that’s not totally there but others can’t see you SO YOU MUST NOT EXIST. Cough, smile, linger a while. Fuck it, I’ll just get high. I sure wish you’d come take me away soon. Cause there’s this burning, see, and it’s pretty much taking everything from me. I’m just all sorts of screwed without ya, just let me come, won’t ya? “Ah man, it’s last call. Last call don’t mean shit to me. See, I’m from around here. Last call is 3 am sharp and I’ve got the bruises to prove it. Now, sit here with me and I’ll tell ya something worth hearing. Spare a smoke first. Thank you kindly.”

“Ain’t no sense in waking up for anyone but yourself. I found that out, yes I sure did. See, we was hitched and had a real nice spot just outside the city. Pretty plain house if ya ask me, and no, I don’t live there any longer. But the thing was, it didn’t matter to us if it was big, small, large, tall, three stories or a one bedroom, we were happy as pups at the tit. Now where was I? Oh yes, that’s right she died.” Or so you think.