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Slow down for me baby, just this once I really want to feel it. That total loss of control, that moment when you know me, know me better than most have ever known me. I can’t say we’ll make it until the new year, but darling we have to give it one hell of a try. In this moment, I want nothing more than to be yours.

Clenching tightly, not wanting to let go, I force a smile before you jet off to meet the guys for beers and beers and beers and beers. I’m not jealous, no, just not smitten with the fact that you’re off galavanting around without, me.

Damn, I hate what we all hate, that one word that makes us crazy, crazy about nothing, but everything and that’s why in this moment I’ve decided not to love you. There, I said it.

Now, when you coming back, baby?