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I saw the devil in him.

Laughing, he spoke in English riddles. It was his supposed primary language. The way he looked at us, it was horrifying. His hair was matted to the sides of his cheeks. His long, stringy blond hair was cut at different lengths. He had shaved back where bangs would have been. He stopped just enough so that people would notice the chaotic nature of his planned shock value.

When asked one simple question, his eyes would bulge out of their sunken sockets. He would snap with tangential lingo understood by no one.

“The sacrifice, the bus, the hell, the heaven. We must Facebook watch our children.”

I looked at him intently. I opened my mouth but no words came out. I checked my watch and simply left him to rot where he sat. He wasn’t going anywhere. The drugs, the drugs wouldn’t help him.

I brought her in only to observe. I wanted her to see what i saw. See, she loved this sort of thing. She got off to this. I set up the two way mirror room and let her watch him, unchained.Total isolation. He started licking the mirror. He smiled and held up his pinky finger. He then broke it and jumped backwards as if someone was controlling him.

Someone was.

The she doctor grinned at me and said “When do we start?”

I shook her hand and said “Now, now would be great.”