a full moon tonight and it all seems to come alive before my eyes. I’m walking around outside by 5th and Washington close to the Orange Wheel Tavern. There is this couple who stumbles out of the bar laughing with not a care in the world. The woman seems clingy or at least when she drinks. Connected at the hip like they were on their own little private island. She playfully kisses his cheek and they call for a taxi. They flag one down and to my dismay leave me alone again. O’ how entertained we have to be. What would it be like to exist in a world without people, god that sounds awful.

As I’m walking I try not to think about my job, girlfriend, or friends. I just keep looking up into the starry night thinking incomplete thoughts about Van Gogh and traveling. It’s become crucial for me to take these night walks. Almost, therapeutic. Some people go for drives, but I’m currently boycotting gas prices. It’s easy to not do things that cost money. I sometimes wonder if I create my own mind vacations. There I am in London chasing my shadow amongst the cathedrals. Then,  its me again in Egypt this time riding bareback on a camel. Never again. I chuckle looking around.

You ever smile up into a night sky? I’m doing it right now and its funny. It’s like I’m trying to get somebody up in the atmosphere to recognize how genuinely happy I am in this very moment. The key is to never take yourself seriously. I arrive back home. Sigh, fisher price basketball and fort building in the morning.