Some day im goin’ to get out of this town. And when I do I’ll forget about how many times you wanted to drown my sorry ass.

We used to fool around near Jackson crossing on the west side of Lancashire. I remember specifically the time you told me you didn’t want to grow up. I laughed and told you to drink some more, you were such a sap. But you’d go on…You said “You ever think about closing your eyes for good?” And id just laugh. Never taken it in for what it was worth. You said “I don’t think I can…” I’d interrupt with something stupid like “be any more of pitcher!” You’d crack a smile and say “forget about it, ya rat bastard.”

That time you punched me harder than usual. I shoulda taken you more seriously. Seems you were really going through some stuff. Tellya what, its odd not knowing your best friend is messed up when ya hang with um all the time.

People tell me there are signs that tip ya off about that kinda stuff. Back then though, all I cared about was getting high with my buddy and shooting off a couple with the local talent if ya know what I mean.

Remember that one guy who stumbled upon us out when we were in the abandoned train car? He was whistling and singing and just about toppling over. When he did fall he laughed and smiled at us. Told us it was funny to be in America. He said “this countries got all ya need!”  I think about your reaction now and see how scared you were. Back then, I was bustin gut and sucking up as much free air as I could. Believe I even tried to reason with ya to laugh about it. Never knew your old man was a drunk. I mean, I knew he drank, but just not how much and how it affected you. Figured ya drank because it was cool. Medicate, only truth you knew.

Well,  guess Ima make something of my life when I leave our stomping ground. You were always tellin me I had good qualities to become something. Said things like “Imagine the world you could access outta this town my man?”  Dont know fully why ya did what ya did. All I know is you really woke me up, and for that, I suppose I owe ya, ya…bastard.