When I see this window of opportunity closing right before my eyes I always wonder why it has to come at such a crossroads. Literally I want everything but I can only have this or that.

I am getting tired of the chase and games we play to win our lovers heart. Honest, I am going to be single soon and its going to kill me. We’ve both been slowly drifting a part. She seems to be more okay with it than me. It’s fine though because I’m going to go to Chicago and take that city all in. We technically arent dating, we just left it up on Facebook for the past 3 months to avoid all the commotion. Our closest friends know.

Being an adult has to be better than this, right? Serious matters and no bull shit…hmm.

Theres this girl I met the other day in one of my classes who could be just like me. I’m certain she’s the female version of me. We mesh together so well but because the timing is off it doesn’t seem plausible to pursue it. Plus, I am a musician who can’t be tied down. Dang, I’m all over the place.

This new girl and I stayed up late shooting the bull and whispering our dreams for the future. She captivates my attention every time she speaks, which is hard to accomplish. Usually, I’m thinking about how I can get into this girls pants. It’s wild how she talks though. She’s got her bottles in a row or yeah, ya know what im sayin. Says things like “goin to graduate and go to a foreign country and save the world” and of course “get married and have babies with the man of my dreams.” I laugh at this part. What a crock of shit the whole “man of my dreams” thing. She punches me in the arm and tells me one day I’ll see what she’s talking about. It’s not like I havent heard this all before, it’s just the way in which she relays it to me. She’s so damn determined and devoted. Why she’s even having this deep convo with me is beyond my comprehension.

Her words “You interest me, man.”

Chicks. Bad boy mysterious type. I guess, Chicago is still on my mind. I shouldn’t have met this chick. What if I let her screw with my mind and I write songs about her and I fall for this broad. This cannot happen.

I whisper to her “Im crazy into this convo, have you ever thought about road trippin?”

She smiles in this awe stupor that kills me. Chicago bound and stupid as ever.